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Central Bank of Lesotho Banking supervision, risk-based supervision, financial stability and national payment systems to Central Bank of Lesotho.
Findex Survey (bi-annual).
Central Bank of Lesotho
FinMark Trust Making Access (to finance) Possible (MAP) survey and action plan (2014 – 2015).

Financial education interim strategy (2015)

FinScope 2011 (consumer)

FinScope MSME 2016

Ministry of Finance, UNDP, Central bank of Lesotho.
Ministry of Finance, UNDP, Central bank of Lesotho.
Ministry of Finance, UNDP, Ministry of Small Business.
Rural Finance Intermediation Program (funded by International Federation of Agriculture Development) (2012 – 2016) Expansion of the financial services outreach to rural areas.
Technical assistance to the Lesotho Post Bank to develop strategies to address access to finance challenges for the low income
Ministry of Finance, Lesotho Post Bank
World Bank’s FIRST initiative (2015-2018) legal, regulatory, and supervisory framework for MFIs and Financial Cooperatives;
legal, regulatory and supervisory capacity for cooperatives, and other non-bank financial institutions;
legal and regulatory framework for mobile money and agency banking;
Regulatory framework for financial consumer protection and financial capability/education;
strengthening partial credit guarantee schemes
Central Bank of Lesotho
UNDP Support to Financial Inclusion in Lesotho to address bottlenecks to equitable and sustainable access to finance at micro, meso and macro levels of the financial sector. Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Lesotho, Financial services providers

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